Best Restaurants To Eat On Christmas Day In Santiago De Chile Near Me

1. NoSo - Las Condes

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Address: Isidora Goyenechea 3000, piso 4, Santiago, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 10:30 AM ⋅ Reopens 12:30 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2770 0082

Business type: Restaurant

NoSo: what do users think?
Stuart Lending
Stuart Lending: Wonderful place, great food, friendly staff
Genevieve Haack
Genevieve Haack: For the price you are paying, there are a lot of much better options in Santiago. The food itself is good but on the expensive side for what it is. The ambiance is terrible, feels like eating in a hotel lobby. The restaurant also closes very early and turned the lights on super bright before our server even asked us if we wanted the bill. The service was very good but it wasn’t very busy. We won’t be back, there are just too many other good restaurants that offer better dining experience for the price we paid.
Sello Mashabela
Sello Mashabela: One of the better meals I have had in Santiago. The fish and chips were very good. The food does take time to be prepared, but the quality was worth waiting for. The waiters were welcoming and engaging.
Angelica Pascoe
Angelica Pascoe: The light here is pleasant and the atmosphere is not the only thing that I like in this restaurant. I also like the service. The waiters are very nice and do everything possible to satisfy their clients. Yet, the most important element of any restaurant is its food. This is the reason why I adore this place. When I eat food prepared by the chef of this restaurant, it seems that I’m in another world. I don’t really like to experiment and prefer to order the same dishes all the time yet I always find myself ordering something different each time. As for me, all of the dishes are very delicious. Apart from this, I always order some dessert. This restaurant has a great variety of desserts. To have a dinner in this place isn’t very expensive. In general, most of the dishes cost from 15 to 30 dollars. Therefore, this restaurant is good for those, who don’t have much money but want to visit a special and elegant place. In general, I’m very happy that there is such a great place where I can spend a great time when I travel to Chile year round. It is very peaceful when there are not many people inside and outside. In any case, I will carry on visiting this restaurant because I like the comfortable atmosphere, friendly waiters, affordable prices, and excellent dishes. If I need to recommend someone a place where to eat well in Chile, it will be this restaurant.
Marcelo Ferrante
Marcelo Ferrante: Karai, japoneses restaurant at W hotel in Santiago
Pcd Pcd
Pcd Pcd: Excellent service, good food. Prices on the high side.
Tabitha Kloss
Tabitha Kloss: Delicious food - I thoroughly enjoyed the onion soup and grilled octopus! Dessert was decadent. Great service from the team here, especially Thomas :) He was very friendly, attentive, and spoke excellent English.
Trevor Hines
Trevor Hines: Part of the W Hotel. Its expensive but the food is good. Some of the service is EXCELLENT but its a lucky dip as always in Chile, you might be lumbered with a typically disinterested Chilean waiter or waitress as we were at times.
Oksana Kalytenko
Oksana Kalytenko: We made a reservation for lunch here. Not only staff had no idea about our reservation, but they made as waiting for half an hour to tell us that they don’t have the lunch buffet option anymore. Very disappointed. It’s not the level of w hotel.
Travis Horlacher
Travis Horlacher: Went for restaurant week menu and a cocktail. Food and drink were fantastic and the service by Claudio was perfect. Enjoy

2. The Singular Restaurant - Santiago

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The Singular Restaurant
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Address: Merced 294, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12:30 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2306 8810

Business type: Restaurant

The Singular Restaurant: what do users think?
Nika V
Nika V: The scenery, food and service was very nice. Beautiful for sunset dinner at the balcony
Lucilene Cabral
Lucilene Cabral: I really liked the place. Good food, pleasant atmosphere. Worth the experience for those who enjoy a more traditional environment. We were very well attended, I suggest booking.
Svitlana Horbach
Svitlana Horbach: Everything is good in the restaurant - dishes, wines and cocktails, service, interior, dishes and utensils. It is located on the last floor of the hotel. There is a closed part and open terraces. You can sit at a table with chairs, you can at a low table with armchairs and sofas, you can sit on the terrace. The view of the mountain on the terrace is cool. Among the dishes, I really liked the risotto and Camembert cheese with berries.
Begonia zhang
Begonia zhang: The scenery was beautiful, a good place to spend some time with friends. But it is not recommended to eat there, apart from the fact that it is uncomfortable due to the height of the table, the service is very, very slow. We had to wait 2 and a half hours for a few main dishes. And the waiters hid us to avoid inquiries about the delay. It was a bad experience due to so much waiting, and bad service. Lastly, the sofa and its mattress are super dirty.
Grego Pe
Grego Pe: Tuesday 8Nov. Lamb dinner with a glass of wine and a vegetarian dish, both very good, great pisco sour and excellent service. And the dining room, not the one in the photo, elegant and sober, and and note concern for good care. Thank you
Barbariita Aránguiz
Barbariita Aránguiz: The food is very rich, and the atmosphere is very rich, the view spectacular. The only bad thing is that they were a little slow to attend, and the dessert, which I asked for cheesecake, I found it a little small🤭, but everything was very yummy
Kari Arcudi
Kari Arcudi: Everything really amazing! The setting and decoration of luxury! The dishes are very tasty, beautifully presented and the portions are generous. The conger eel and the lamb are exquisite, I totally recommend them! The bread was tasty too but it came without butter (the bare minimum in my opinion). The only disappointing thing was the terrace, I expected to have a bigger view of the city.
QQ II: Nice bar and well attended. good cocktails

3. Restaurant Santiago - Santiago

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7 reviews
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Restaurant Santiago
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Address: 8340416, Teatinos 320 Hotel Panamericano, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +56 9 7519 7670

Business type: Restaurant

Restaurant Santiago: what do users think?
Danilo Ardiles
Danilo Ardiles: A good restaurant, it must be said that the dishes have shrunk over time, but the food is delicious, a separate theme is the pisco saur, made with pisco macerated with different spices, herbs and other ingredients (coca leaf, ginger, cinnamon, among others).
María Isabel López Garay
María Isabel López Garay: Pleasant atmosphere, tasty dishes and excellent service.
Jesus Marmol
Jesus Marmol: Great

4. Catae Restaurant - Vitacura

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Catae Restaurant
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Address: Av. Pdte. Kennedy 4700, 7630454 Santiago, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 7:30 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2678 8871

Business type: Restaurant

Catae Restaurant: what do users think?
Eliana Rubio
Eliana Rubio: The restaurant is modern and beautiful but the service and the food it leaves much to be desired. The service it’s very slow, we had to wave our hands multiple times in order to be attended and had waited almost 45 mins to order our food. The food: it’s very regular in comparison with the price you have to pay… the dishes are expensive but it’s nothing from another world, the empanadas were regular and without the blue cheese it claims on the menu, the aji de gallina was awful because the rice was very sticky and the chicken was not good, the asado de tira without bone but the risotto was good.
Christopher Morley
Christopher Morley: Delicious food, excellent service, highly recommend
Stanley Wong
Stanley Wong: Very friendly staff. Spacious and ewlaxing environment.
Carlos Rojo
Carlos Rojo: Very nice
Cecilia Villalba
Cecilia Villalba: Excellent food and service
Kevin Kilkenny
Kevin Kilkenny: Great beef tartare
Sebastián Valdebenito
Sebastián Valdebenito: NOT VEGAN
Pia Carrasco
Pia Carrasco: Amazing

5. Restaurant Limoncello - Santiago

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448 reviews
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Restaurant Limoncello
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Address: Huerfanos 757, local 7, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2929 9978

Business type: Down home cooking restaurant

Restaurant Limoncello: what do users think?
Gustavo Soto Miño (gusoto)
Gustavo Soto Miño (gusoto): Great place to get a budget lunch. A lot of options for eat. The specialty is meat, cooked in a huge bbq in the middle of the place.Totally recommended.
Amol Fish
Amol Fish: Yummy ans reasonable prices
Víctor Cofré Poblete
Víctor Cofré Poblete: Good food
Yenifer Rosas
Yenifer Rosas: We loved this restaurant a lot, we arrived by chance and even though the restaurant was closed (approx 11:50 am) the owner very kindly opened the door for us and invited us in so we stayed. Very good service, good prices for a Buffet, clean bathrooms, spacious place, regarding the dishes, nothing out of the ordinary but delicious food, there are about 5 options of each one, (salad, main dish, accompaniment, desserts and drinks or juices, they also offer a rich consommé.
Enrique F. González Silva
Enrique F. González Silva: Good place for lunch in the center of Santiago, very varied and quality menu for a reasonable price; includes salad (available at a salad bar), main dish with 4 varieties, dessert (from a dessert counter), drink or juice or water and a soup of the day. The coffee and herbal waters are separate prices, as well as special dishes or grill.
Nelson Daguer
Nelson Daguer: Excellent place for lunch, comfortable, pleasant atmosphere, good price. recommendable
Response: Thanks Nelson! Happy to receive you whenever you want 😊
Paz Rios Aldea
Paz Rios Aldea: Good alternative for lunch. They have special prices, depending on the time of day.
Response: Thank you for taking a few minutes to give your opinion, Paz. We will be waiting for you 🤩
Mario H Castillo
Mario H Castillo: Abundant food and several options, they have a Menu from $4,300 (which includes salad, soup, background, dessert, drink and coffee). Prices vary according to certain dishes (menu, executive, gourmet). They also have a grill option with cuts of meat (loin, ribs, fillet, sausage, etc) that cost around $7,000-9,000 in the menu format. The space is large, but since it is located in the center it gets crowded at lunchtime
natalia d
natalia d: I liked the food, I liked the attention, I liked the quantity of the food, all very tasty, good music also with the precise volume to be able to talk, pleasant atmosphere

6. Restaurant Bristol - Santiago

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181 reviews
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Restaurant Bristol
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Address: Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 816, 8330097 Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10:30 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2360 4516

Business type: Chilean restaurant

Restaurant Bristol: what do users think?
Gerard Prins
Gerard Prins: Took to the brunch buffet on a quiet, sunny, sunday morning. The place is dark, does not allow any light in. The staff is very attentive, but the buffet, although abundant, is not quite up to the bill. The coffee is very good, though.
Chris: The alcohol bar is very good. The restaurant was a bit disappointing due to the following: - Mussels that did not taste fresh or properly cleaned - Fish filets full of bones You could do better for the high price
christ brown
christ brown: Nice place to get drunk
Gideon de Beer
Gideon de Beer: Great place for group of friends
Sofia Stefi Sepulveda Villalobos
Sofia Stefi Sepulveda Villalobos: We went to a three-course dinner, the food was delicious, especially the dessert that, despite being made from beets, surprised me with how delicious it was. The drinks were exquisite, the pisco sour neither too strong nor too soft and the red fruit lemonade very sweet and refreshing. The attention is very good, at all times they were attentive and concerned about us. The atmosphere is very pleasant and also has live music.
Response: Dear Sofia. A pleasure to know your experience, encourages us to continue working with the best will. Our staff works every day to do so, with quality products that allow us to offer a range of delicious dishes that demonstrate our prestige and atmosphere. We hope you can visit us again and enjoy one of the best restaurants in the country. Regards!
Carlos Helo
Carlos Helo: Excellent place, delicious dishes good music piano bar prices according to the place very well attended
Roberto Quevedo
Roberto Quevedo: Excellent gourmet restaurant and very good service

7. Los Buenos Muchachos - Santiago

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10255 reviews
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Los Buenos Muchachos
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Address: Av. Ricardo Cumming 1031, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM

Telephone: +56 2 2566 4660

Business type: Chilean restaurant

Los Buenos Muchachos: what do users think?
Muralidharan Balanandan
Muralidharan Balanandan: Good food and excellent performance by the dancers.. must visit. Reserve Ur table well in advance for a better view of the stage..
Javier A. Concha
Javier A. Concha: My girlfriend from USA was visiting Chile for the first time and we were looking for a place with a traditional Chilean dance show. This was the perfect place. We danced cueca, rapa nui, and even cumbia.
Vinicius Zambaldi
Vinicius Zambaldi: Great food, service and selection of wine.
Ray Carbonneau
Ray Carbonneau: This is definitely a huge and interesting place. The dance and music show is certainly the highlight of the evening. The food was good but not exceptional. We had the shared meat trays know as parrilladas but it did not include any starch such as the usual roasted potatoes. The meat however was good and the service was good. This place is best enjoyed in groups and you can reserve your table in advance to guarantee a good view of the stage. Parking here can be an issue but there is a parking lot belonging to the restaurant.
W Sheng
W Sheng: A wonderful local experience. Good food, good price, lovely pisco sour and great venue. We did not see the folk show due to our own schedule but the atmosphere is wonderful. The waitors are very friendly and trying their best to speak English with us.
Iain Last
Iain Last: Huge venue which is a real plus but can also be a negative. Put on a great show which is all about Chilean music from all states of Chile. Food was good but die yo the size the options are limited. Turns into a good social dancing venue after dinner service where people can dance to a good variety of music.
Suzana Jones
Suzana Jones: The experience was FANTASTIC thanks to our waiter – MILTON who was GREAT. He was attentive and very helpful. He was even so good that he was taking pictures of us any time we asked him too and the most surprising thing was that he actually knew how to use my somewhat complicated camera. My friend is Croatian and I am Serbian and the Milton made sure that we had our respective flags printed and displayed at our table. As I wanted to taste Chilean food we ordered grilled meat that even though I am NOT a “meat lover” I really enjoyed it in addition to the stewed potatoes and mushrooms. My meal was very satisfactory. Show was alright as far as representation of regional music, however I wish that, that portion was longer. After the dance show people had an opportunity to go and dance and many did and seemed like they had a good time. When we were ready to go home Milton got us a cab, opened the door and made sure that we are safely in it. Visiting the Los Buenos Muchachos was THE BEST EXPERIENCE in ANY restaurant that I have visited and all that because of MILTON who is also VERY GOOD singer, actually being better singer than the one they had on a stage. Dr. Jones
Edward Padalinski
Edward Padalinski: Excellent fun place for lunch or dinner with entertainment!
Dom Tor
Dom Tor: Great friendly service. The meal was a bife de chorizo a rib eye that was soooooo tender. Well seasoned and prepared to the perfect temp. The seasoned mashed potatoes had a hint of spiciness with gr eww at flavor. We greatly enjoyed the meal and the price was nothing compared to what we would have paid in the States.

8. Casona Kusi Restaurant - Santiago

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258 reviews
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Casona Kusi Restaurant
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Address: Root 544, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM

Telephone: +56 2 2634 7499

Business type: Restaurant

Casona Kusi Restaurant: what do users think?
Noel Jensen
Noel Jensen: Excellent reception even though we arrived for lunch at 11:30! I had excellent salmon, she had an excellent filet, cooked perfectly. Highly recommend side dish of creamed spinach! Great ambiance, very helpful staff. Delightful experience.
James Stoertz
James Stoertz: Delicious combinations of flavors quite surprising for such an unassuming little place. And the pisco sours are to die!
Franklin Walker
Franklin Walker: delicious food. nice atmosphere. great service.
Mauricio Miraglia
Mauricio Miraglia: in a hidden street just 3 blocks from Santa Lucía subway station... this place comes as a total surprise!
Crystal: Closed and it says open
Mariandris Sofia Brito Palencia
Mariandris Sofia Brito Palencia: Very good atmosphere, live jazz music on Thursdays, piano on Fridays... The only detail is that it took a long time even though there were only 3 tables and 2 with orders, however, the food was very good, they have variety on the menu and extensive drink menu. Very kind attention.
hernavan salinas
hernavan salinas: I stopped going to this place a long time ago as it had difficulties and went down in service when it left. Now it has been a very pleasant rediscovery, good service and the steak is prepared very tasty, as are the merken potatoes. The rest of the menu has to be tested...
Danilo Torrijo Véliz
Danilo Torrijo Véliz: Interesting place, very well set, good service, tasty sushi and good drinks and beers, reasonable prices without being cheap.
Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro: Good place, jazz Thursday is very entertaining, the sandwiches and drinks are very rich and a pleasant family atmosphere. Something expensive yes
M C: I recommend the Reineta Root and the Ceviche of the house. Good attention and very nice place. I would only change the musical environment for a good jazz or bossa nova. A 100% recommended place.

9. Boragó - Vitacura

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1069 reviews
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Address: Av San Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer 5970, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2953 8893

Business type: Chilean restaurant

Boragó: what do users think?
vanessa wanderlingh
vanessa wanderlingh: One of the most incredible, tasty, delightful, amusing, and special meals of my life. The ambiance was perfect and I loved the modern clean space. The staff was warm, joyful, and on point. They cared about what they were serving and their guests. I dined alone but did not feel alone at all. With each incredible morsel delivered to my table I had a pleasant exchange. I wish I could come back for every season/menu change to be delighted over and over again. This restaurant is beyond deserving of the accolades. What I find so beautiful is that the chef uses ingredients native to his homeland and blends them to create something new and out of this world. There is real genius involved in his work. I feel truly blessed to have had the dining experience that I had and truly hope I can return one day! Dietary restrictions: They accommodated my need for gluten-free (celiac)without sacrificing the incredible flavors and quality.
Manuel Parra
Manuel Parra: Boragó deserves to be in the 50 best restaurants in the world. Rodolfo Guzmán & Team do an excellent job. Got the full autumn menu + wine tasting. An almost 3 hour feast for the senses. All the staff speaks English and are incredibly welcoming and available for you to ask questions. Food was incredible, tastes and preparations that I have never even thought of before. A must for everyone who wants to understand what Chilean gastronomy could look like.
Juliana Ramos
Juliana Ramos: Espectacular experience! Awesome Chilean food, very creative, incredible service and presentation. It is very expensive, though. I recommend for a special celebration, but definitely worth the price.
Mike Salter
Mike Salter: We had an exceptional experience. We enjoyed the summer tasting menu. Everything was delicious and delightful. The wine pairings matched wonderfully. Will definitely be back on my next visit to Santiago.
Russ Lund
Russ Lund: One of the most extravagant dining experiences in my life. The multi course meal was always unique and very tasty. You have to do the wine pairing, all from Chile. Their English was very good and everyone is very friendly. Highly recommend a picture with the chefs in the kitchen after dinner.
Jose Ho
Jose Ho: Great meal. Every dish was better than the previous one. Exceptional service, friendly staff and very accommodating. Was over an hour late to reservation due to difficulty getting an Uber and toad closures near the hotel. Modern space.
Sebastian S.
Sebastian S.: Friendly service, great food, we eat 12 courses, one with meat one vegan and booth was great, the price was great to. My favourit was the melone. Thanks for the evening.
Tomás González
Tomás González: Amazing experience, menu and wines. Don’t miss this place if you visit Chile
Cynthia Vergon
Cynthia Vergon: Overall, the experience was good but: 1/ The dishes were served much too fast one after the other. Eating at a gourmet restaurant like this means we take our time: time to eat, time to digest, and time to enjoy every bite and RECORD what we ate into our memories. The fact that you serve the next dish immediately after taking away our plates blurs the entire experience into one. We have no time to remember, no time to talk about how we liked this or that, no time to enjoy and just BE at the table. Proof is that when the waiter asked me what my favorite dish was, I was only able to remember the first and the last. It feels like you want us in and out as fast as possible. This is not a fast-food restaurant, but the way you serve makes it feel like it is. 2/ The ambiance is lacking in experience also. There could have been a little music (not loud music like in US restaurants), something like sounds of nature because your entire menu is about nature. You could even change the music according to the season... In summer, have sounds of ocean waves, water. In spring, birds singing, wind in trees. Get yourselves a sound designer who creates experiences in F&B locations. There are many, and they can help. 3/ The person standing in the room, doing nothing but observing sticks out like a sore thumb. His role is not even necessary as the entire service team is so efficient. All he does is frown, I never once saw him smile. He seems like a prison guard observing his lackeys... Totally not necessary and totally out of place. 4/ Wine pairings are supposed to be for every dish, or at least tell your guests that this wine is for one, two or three different courses. Otherwise we find ourselves without a wine. For the price, there was very little wine in the glass. What I did like is the service team. They were incredibly professional (and we know how hard that is to come by these days) and knowledgeable. You could tell they enjoyed working together and the dynamics were very positive. Of course, the food was delicious, as expected. Very thought through and interestingly presented. It was a very enjoyable meal, but not up to par with what I expect from a 260USD experience.

10. Peumayén Ancestral Food - Providencia

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1281 reviews
new review
Peumayén Ancestral Food
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Address: Constitución 136, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1 PM

Business type: Native American restaurant

Peumayén Ancestral Food: what do users think?
Marit Sheffield
Marit Sheffield: We are visiting Santiago Chile and we were looking for an authentic Chilean restaurant experience. The ambiance was lovely , the service outstanding, the food was quick to be served. It was good, but it lacked the “ wow “ factor for us to give it 5 stars. We ordered all the tasting menus , vegetarian, sea, mixed, and ground. They had several identical pieces which was good- we could compare the taste. I would definitely recommend the restaurant as above average - but needs more work to deserve 5 stars.
Honey Kohan
Honey Kohan: Wow - what a fantastic culinary journey Peumayén took us on. The tasting menus (we had ground and sea) are a splendid way to eat your way through the country. All the dishes are presented beautifully and creatively, and most importantly they are all jam packed with flavor. This meal was definitely one of the gastronomic highlights of my trip and I would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about food. The service is attentive and the vibe of the restaurant is great.
Steph Kwan
Steph Kwan: A very unique dinner experience. I appreciate embarking through their unique flavors through little bite-sized portions. The server was also so sweet, she even gave us a little trinket to take home.
朱先锋: It will be good place for drinking while the food isreally not our type with 20 tasting course.We got there 8:30pm, and dessert got on the table until 10:07.
Tiffany: Very unique restaurant to try! Staff is super helpful and speaks English (a plus for foreigners). We didn’t take the degustation menus as the desserts were not allergy friendly. Instead, we took 2 entrées and 2 main which turns out to be a lot (thankful we only had those dishes). Food is on the saltier side but still pretty good. Favorite was definitely the bread appetizer (included for everyone)!! Would recommend
Lingmei Lin
Lingmei Lin: The presentation is a feast to the eyes. The central theme of a collection of vast Chilean native ingredients manifested by way of gastronomic techniques is so appealing & brilliant. The bread course was rustic and memorable. The starter & main courses (sea) have a few misses. The dessert course was fine but I am most surprised that the calafate berries are not represented after just returning from the Patagonia region. We enjoyed the service, the atmosphere and culinary experience but very annoyed by the rowdy noises came from neighboring table who seemed to treat this place as a night club.
Jordan Bayles
Jordan Bayles: Amazing food with a wide variety of flavors. Service was good, very professional and went out of their way to be welcoming and explain the menu in English. Highly recommend.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Julia Ruby Baldwin
Julia Ruby Baldwin: Such a unique and fabulous dining experience! My husband and I shared the Tierra and the Mar tastings. Each bite was very well composed. There is a lot of thought that goes into these tastings and it is such a cool way to sample ancient cuisine from all over Chile. You get lots of small bites which is a perfect way to do that! Very attentive service, great drinks, good Covid protocols. A must visit!
Tatiana Vorovchenko
Tatiana Vorovchenko: It was great to try different Native American foods as part of our exploration of Chile! The staff members were friendly, degustation menus are great, we also very much liked the nonalcoholic beer that they have.

11. Chipe Libre - Républica Independiente del Pisco - Santiago

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3003 reviews
new review
Chipe Libre - Républica Independiente del Pisco
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Address: José Victorino Lastarria 282, 8320165 Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12:30 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2664 0584

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

Chipe Libre - Républica Independiente del Pisco: what do users think?
T O (Diomedes)
T O (Diomedes): Beautiful interior with a comfortable street patio. Our server Guillermo was very friendly and hospitable. Had a couple house pisco cocktails that were fantastic. The food is well prepared, fresh and high quality. Meat was tender and and the flavours were robust. Definitely recommended
Sarah Rocha
Sarah Rocha: The staff were all so nice and the restaurant was a really fun environment. The cocktails were amazing. I had asked the bartender what is most popular and just had him make those for me. Great experience. Had the fish ceviche for dinner and it was delicious.
Olu Olu Coffee Lounge
Olu Olu Coffee Lounge: I went here 3 times over the space of 2 weeks and I have to admit I really liked it here. Good food, nice ambiance and friendly staff. I loved the interior decor but my favourite spot was the open terrace behind. I had the Lomo saltado on my first visit and it took all my self control not to have it again on the following 2 occasions. I did manage to try 2 other dishes; the beef fillet and stir fry seafood with rice. All very delicious and filling. I also tried their Cerviche. I like their take on it with the Peruvian corn which you also get with the beef fillet. Good selection of beers and my friends loved the Pisco Sours!
Emilio Reyes Le Blanc
Emilio Reyes Le Blanc: Absolutely amazing pisco-based drinks. I ordered a dry cocktail and my guests ordered sweet ones. Each was completely unique. They had some vegetarian options for food: Thai stir-fry and eggplant lasagna. Our meal for 4 with five drinks was $110 USD. Relatively expensive for Santiago, but a bargain for US standards. Would happily visit again.
Lil Mama
Lil Mama: Prices are good for the quality of their food. Paid $65 for a dozen of oysters, ceviche for 2, beef steak, pisco sour and 3 beers. Attention was also good. Very nice decors and ambiance. Would highly recommend.
Phil Spaß
Phil Spaß: Came here for cocktails and dinner with my colleagues. We were so amazed by the friendly staff and great cocktails, also the food are just so delicious and yummy. I definitely will be back here again and again
Juanma García
Juanma García: Located in the middle of barrio Lastarria, next to an arts and crafts street market, this is a great place to end your day around Santiago. Very good food in a very relaxing atmosphere. They have many pisco based cocktails from both Chile and Perú. The food menu is quite varied. We tried the tuna and the steak with choclo and we loved both. The empanadas were also very good. The waiters were very friendly and helped us with our food and drink choices.
Fábio Henrique Bittes Terra
Fábio Henrique Bittes Terra: Very creative place in the heart of Lastarria! Chipe is a misture of Chile and Peru and all they offer is inspired in a imaginative republic in which these two countries are merged. Their menu is nice, their place has a nice space, and their pisco options (including pisco sour) is great as well. A nice place to go. One of the few places that are open on Mondays.
Kristen Foht
Kristen Foht: Very happy. A bit tipsy. Excellent pisco sour (Peru) followed by caipirinha. Crispy chicken appetizer with vegetarian and fish of the day ceviche platters. Lemonade with mint and ginger no alcohol for the spouse. Super pleased. Vegetarian options: Husband was pleased he had options. Really enjoyed the vegetarian ceviche.

12. Uncle Fletch Bellavista - Providencia

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3458 reviews
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Uncle Fletch Bellavista
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Address: Dardignac 0192, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +56 9 4927 4299

Business type: Hamburger restaurant

Uncle Fletch Bellavista: what do users think?
Ricardo Ramirez
Ricardo Ramirez: A good little bar, with OK food. They’ll bring you a plate of popcorn when you sit down. Beer selection is decent. They have some specials available for burgers. The burgers themselves are good. They have some good meat, but the bun is not very good. The Mac n Cheese still has some work to be good, and the pulled pork bed on the mac n cheese, could have been heated instead of left cold. Would go back to give them a final chance.
Response: Hi Ricardo! grateful for your feedback. We would like to go more in detail regarding your experience so we would like to contact you or alternatively contact us at the following number +56 9 6129 7156 so we can improve the product and your Fletch experience! We are very attentive!
Santiago Diaz Zapata
Santiago Diaz Zapata: located in a nice neighbourhood, was sunny outside and i asked something and the people answered me straight away very kindly. great staff, different options for beers, and the classic burgers. i had the peace and love (vegetarian) and it was nice, not the best burger i’ve ever had, but it was nice. enjoyed the time there
Nicolás Suárez Chavarría
Nicolás Suárez Chavarría: Very good burgers, but it is expensive compared to other places, specially when it comes to beers.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Jhanna Boutsyk
Jhanna Boutsyk: Cocktails were fantastic, great vibeLots of vegan and vegetarian options
Timo N
Timo N: The burgers are really tasty and good.Great selection of different beers.
Derek Richey
Derek Richey: Good burgers (veggie y carne), fries, beer, and service.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Emma Faulconbridge
Emma Faulconbridge: Amazing vegan burger!! And salad was good too. Friendly service :)
SUJIN BAEG: great food, perfect service! I really want to go here again

13. Tony Roma's - Las Condes

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979 reviews
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Tony Roma's
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Address: Avenida Presidente Kennedy 5413, Local 370, Piso 1, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +56 2 3223 8932

Business type: American restaurant

Tony Roma's: what do users think?
Timbovilla 7
Timbovilla 7: We stayed at the Marriott Hotel a short walk from the shppoing centre where this restaurant is sited. We managed to get an outside table which was good because there was a live band playing right outside. Food was very good and our server was excellent also. Reasonable priced food and drink too.
HAVI PARK: Good place to eat baby back rips
Response: Thank you very much for your comment, please could you help us to know why your evaluation was not 5 stars and it was only 4 stars, this is very important for us since it helps us to improve. Greetings and thank you very much.
SVEN G.B.: Consumed? —> Chicken Alfredo + Lemonade Value for money —> Good, great food, big portion / good Lemonade Nice ambiente/deco? —> Yes! Service —> Very friendly Waiting time —> Fast! Clean —> Yes Would you come back —> Definitely yes!
Santiago P
Santiago P: Barely ok. Soggy fries, Average burger.Food: 3/5 | Service: 3/5 | Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
E HM: Food had no flavor and it was cold
Response: Dear, We are sorry for the bad experience.
Prasanth Guddanti
Prasanth Guddanti: The worst experience in Chile. Mango juice was like just plain water with Mango concentration. Chicken barbeque is a sweet dish. Gonna never try again in my life by own.
Guilherme Rocha
Guilherme Rocha: Quite simple restaurant. Burguer was tasteless, cocktail poorly made. The service was the only positive side, whereas price was average to high implying in a low cost-benefit ratio. There are plenty of restaurant options around.
Pablo: As always, a great experience here at Tony Romas Santiago de Chile.I can recommend everything on their menu.Famous for ribs, they have great Seafood also.

14. Lucila de Nosotros (Da Noi) - Santiago

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127 reviews
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Lucila de Nosotros (Da Noi)
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Address: Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 227, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 10:30 AM

Telephone: +56 9 6843 9946

Business type: Italian restaurant

Lucila de Nosotros (Da Noi): what do users think?
Rafael Leon
Rafael Leon: Nice place that is call Bar el Bajo, me and my fiancee went for lunch yesterday. We both ordered salads with a pitcher of sangria which was very tasty, the salad was also very fresh and delicious I recommend this place it is very quiet with an old style and the service is friendly and attentive.
Rodrigo A. Carrasco
Rodrigo A. Carrasco: Delicious food and very kid friendly.
Zoe Sanoja
Zoe Sanoja: Bellisimo
Francis Teran
Francis Teran: Pedi very simple. Grilled chicken with Chilean salad. Very very rich. Good price. But .... they were very soon and the restaurant was very busy few tables. The bad attention. The staff angry, the cashier very very unfriendly. They need to better train staff to provide a quality service to the customer care.
Heidi Olivares
Heidi Olivares: A very good place to eat delicious. Nice and quiet environment, with a nice decoration. The service is very fast and friendly, not to mention that you choose the menu through an iPad. 100% recommendable!
Oscar Rojas
Oscar Rojas: The food is good, but the service is too slow. I ordered a mint lemonade, it was bland and the mint was semi-liquefied, which made it uncomfortable to drink because pieces of mint and its stems came out all the time
francisco javier pardo cuevas
francisco javier pardo cuevas: Very nice, good service and good food. 1000% recommended.

15. Club Santiago - Santiago

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1313 reviews
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Club Santiago
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Address: Erasmo Escala 2120, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1:30 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2673 4700

Business type: Chilean restaurant

Club Santiago: what do users think?
Alvar Orellana McBride
Alvar Orellana McBride: Great rooftop! Service, food complete the experience!! Great place for doing company events or celebrate your birthday with friends!
Diego Rebolledo
Diego Rebolledo: Good beer, good spot, good music.
Abhijeet Dixit
Abhijeet Dixit: A very elegant place.
Gabriel Molina
Gabriel Molina: Nice
Marco Peña
Marco Peña: Piolens
Jorge Quinteros Montero
Jorge Quinteros Montero: Interesting
Laura Lucía
Laura Lucía: Good place, the menu of the day has an accessible price. For vegans there is a very well assorted salad. The cuts of meat did not come in the cooking term that we had requested but could be solved.
Elias Troncoso Cornejo
Elias Troncoso Cornejo: Affordable prices, beautiful place and delicious food, at least the requested dishes, normal drinks and it has happy hours, a well-decorated terrace. Attentive and friendly waiters.

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