Best Restaurants With Three Michelin Stars In Santiago De Chile Near Me

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1. Boragó

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Address: Av San Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer 5970, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2953 8893

Business type: Chilean restaurant

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Boragó: what do users think?

vanessa wanderlingh: One of the most incredible, tasty, delightful, amusing, and special meals of my life. The ambiance was perfect and I loved the modern clean space. The staff was warm, joyful, and on point. They cared about what they were serving and their guests. I dined alone but did not feel alone at all. With each incredible morsel delivered to my table I had a pleasant exchange. I wish I could come back for every season/menu change to be delighted over and over again. This restaurant is beyond deserving of the accolades. What I find so beautiful is that the chef uses ingredients native to his homeland and blends them to create something new and out of this world. There is real genius involved in his work. I feel truly blessed to have had the dining experience that I had and truly hope I can return one day! Dietary restrictions: They accommodated my need for gluten-free (celiac)without sacrificing the incredible flavors and quality.

Manuel Parra: Boragó deserves to be in the 50 best restaurants in the world. Rodolfo Guzmán & Team do an excellent job. Got the full autumn menu + wine tasting. An almost 3 hour feast for the senses. All the staff speaks English and are incredibly welcoming and available for you to ask questions. Food was incredible, tastes and preparations that I have never even thought of before. A must for everyone who wants to understand what Chilean gastronomy could look like.

Juliana Ramos: Espectacular experience! Awesome Chilean food, very creative, incredible service and presentation. It is very expensive, though. I recommend for a special celebration, but definitely worth the price.

Mike Salter: We had an exceptional experience. We enjoyed the summer tasting menu. Everything was delicious and delightful. The wine pairings matched wonderfully. Will definitely be back on my next visit to Santiago.

Russ Lund: One of the most extravagant dining experiences in my life. The multi course meal was always unique and very tasty. You have to do the wine pairing, all from Chile. Their English was very good and everyone is very friendly. Highly recommend a picture with the chefs in the kitchen after dinner.

Jose Ho: Great meal. Every dish was better than the previous one. Exceptional service, friendly staff and very accommodating. Was over an hour late to reservation due to difficulty getting an Uber and toad closures near the hotel. Modern space.

Sebastian S.: Friendly service, great food, we eat 12 courses, one with meat one vegan and booth was great, the price was great to. My favourit was the melone. Thanks for the evening.

Tomás González: Amazing experience, menu and wines. Don’t miss this place if you visit Chile

Cynthia Vergon: Overall, the experience was good but: 1/ The dishes were served much too fast one after the other. Eating at a gourmet restaurant like this means we take our time: time to eat, time to digest, and time to enjoy every bite and RECORD what we ate into our memories. The fact that you serve the next dish immediately after taking away our plates blurs the entire experience into one. We have no time to remember, no time to talk about how we liked this or that, no time to enjoy and just BE at the table. Proof is that when the waiter asked me what my favorite dish was, I was only able to remember the first and the last. It feels like you want us in and out as fast as possible. This is not a fast-food restaurant, but the way you serve makes it feel like it is. 2/ The ambiance is lacking in experience also. There could have been a little music (not loud music like in US restaurants), something like sounds of nature because your entire menu is about nature. You could even change the music according to the season... In summer, have sounds of ocean waves, water. In spring, birds singing, wind in trees. Get yourselves a sound designer who creates experiences in F&B locations. There are many, and they can help. 3/ The person standing in the room, doing nothing but observing sticks out like a sore thumb. His role is not even necessary as the entire service team is so efficient. All he does is frown, I never once saw him smile. He seems like a prison guard observing his lackeys... Totally not necessary and totally out of place. 4/ Wine pairings are supposed to be for every dish, or at least tell your guests that this wine is for one, two or three different courses. Otherwise we find ourselves without a wine. For the price, there was very little wine in the glass. What I did like is the service team. They were incredibly professional (and we know how hard that is to come by these days) and knowledgeable. You could tell they enjoyed working together and the dynamics were very positive. Of course, the food was delicious, as expected. Very thought through and interestingly presented. It was a very enjoyable meal, but not up to par with what I expect from a 260USD experience.

2. Ambrosía

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Address: Pamplona 78, Santiago, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2217 3075

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Ambrosía: what do users think?

Ray Chen: Nice and beautiful garden entrance and wonderful Ambien outdoors dinning area. Service was a little slow even for the drinks. Miso eggplant was tasty but not out of ordinary. Mozzarella with cherry tomato and basil was nothing special. Both starters were served about 30 minutes after we placed order. And another hour wait for our main courses. Nice plating but no wow factor for the taste. Somelier recommended the red wine was not even good at all for the price. Dessert "Lemon posset" was the highlight of dinner. It did have some sort of sophisticated favor.

stevenkennedy91: Ambrosia is a must stop if you are in Santiago and looking for creative dishes and Michelin-quality food with a laid-back vibe and a very nice, engaging and young staff. I sat at the bar in the bistro and it reminded me of my favorite restaurant in New York City, the Michelin-starred Casa Mono. The menu is excellent, especially if with a part of 2-4 people where you can share and try an assortment of dishes with incredibly paired ingredients, and sitting at the bar allows you to watch your dishes get made in the kitchen on the other side of the bar. The menu is creative and avant garde, and the staff is very friendly and helpful in guiding you towards dishes to try. I had the beef tartare with truffle, egg yolk and shaved Parmesan and the bread that accompanied it was perfectly toasted and prepared. I also had the pork belly as a main, which was superb. I wish I had room in my stomach for the baos that looked delicious, as did the ceviche appetizer.

Yanine Arellano: Beautiful place, looks like a secret garden. The food was amazing, I ordered fish with a coliflower pure and almonds that gave a delicious crunchyness.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Mayra Cecilia: I will not give it a 5 start only because of cultural reasons, The food in Chile is sweet in general) having said that, this place is one I would take anyone visiting Chile. Reminds me of the secluded restaurants of Africa, in the middle of a neighborhood away from the main street it is easy to pass it by. Inside though it is an oasis of tranquility. My favorite part was talking to Alexandra about chilean wines, she clearly loves her job and anyone that has passion for what they do tend to inspire others. The martini cocktail packs a punch it leaves you a little shaken. The foie gra (grated) was a surprise in the mouth and I loved it. I had the entraña very nice and tender, the juice was delicious but for me on the sweet side so two spoons is all I could master. Deserts are small as it should be, just enough to make you smile. It is a place where casual chic is the dress code and it will cost you a small fortune around USD 100 per person.

Nicolás Cruz: Great experience. Very good service and explendid food. Excellent flavours and presentation. While its quite expensive the price is justified. Must go

Judith Saragossi: I had an amazing new year’s eve dinner at Ambrosia. Five star service, extremely friendly staff, great wine selection and cocktails. Very classy atmosphere and the food was delicious.

Natalia Casas: This a great place with the most wonderful environment. The food and service were delicious. The flavors were well balanced and tasteful. I really recommend coming for lunch.

Henrique E.: One of the worst restaurant I have been in my life. Cold dish, arrogant service, pretentious, invented all possible excuses to justify a 1:30 delay in bringing the dishes. Amateur… pure Instagram market, but far from being top 10000 restaurant in the neighborhood. Stay away.

3. Peumayén Ancestral Food

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Peumayén Ancestral Food

Address: Constitución 136, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1 PM

Business type: Native American restaurant

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Peumayén Ancestral Food: what do users think?

Marit Sheffield: We are visiting Santiago Chile and we were looking for an authentic Chilean restaurant experience. The ambiance was lovely , the service outstanding, the food was quick to be served. It was good, but it lacked the “ wow “ factor for us to give it 5 stars. We ordered all the tasting menus , vegetarian, sea, mixed, and ground. They had several identical pieces which was good- we could compare the taste. I would definitely recommend the restaurant as above average - but needs more work to deserve 5 stars.

Honey Kohan: Wow - what a fantastic culinary journey Peumayén took us on. The tasting menus (we had ground and sea) are a splendid way to eat your way through the country. All the dishes are presented beautifully and creatively, and most importantly they are all jam packed with flavor. This meal was definitely one of the gastronomic highlights of my trip and I would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about food. The service is attentive and the vibe of the restaurant is great.

Steph Kwan: A very unique dinner experience. I appreciate embarking through their unique flavors through little bite-sized portions. The server was also so sweet, she even gave us a little trinket to take home.

朱先锋: It will be good place for drinking while the food isreally not our type with 20 tasting course.We got there 8:30pm, and dessert got on the table until 10:07.

Tiffany: Very unique restaurant to try! Staff is super helpful and speaks English (a plus for foreigners). We didn’t take the degustation menus as the desserts were not allergy friendly. Instead, we took 2 entrées and 2 main which turns out to be a lot (thankful we only had those dishes). Food is on the saltier side but still pretty good. Favorite was definitely the bread appetizer (included for everyone)!! Would recommend

Lingmei Lin: The presentation is a feast to the eyes. The central theme of a collection of vast Chilean native ingredients manifested by way of gastronomic techniques is so appealing & brilliant. The bread course was rustic and memorable. The starter & main courses (sea) have a few misses. The dessert course was fine but I am most surprised that the calafate berries are not represented after just returning from the Patagonia region. We enjoyed the service, the atmosphere and culinary experience but very annoyed by the rowdy noises came from neighboring table who seemed to treat this place as a night club.

Jordan Bayles: Amazing food with a wide variety of flavors. Service was good, very professional and went out of their way to be welcoming and explain the menu in English. Highly recommend.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Julia Ruby Baldwin: Such a unique and fabulous dining experience! My husband and I shared the Tierra and the Mar tastings. Each bite was very well composed. There is a lot of thought that goes into these tastings and it is such a cool way to sample ancient cuisine from all over Chile. You get lots of small bites which is a perfect way to do that! Very attentive service, great drinks, good Covid protocols. A must visit!

Tatiana Vorovchenko: It was great to try different Native American foods as part of our exploration of Chile! The staff members were friendly, degustation menus are great, we also very much liked the nonalcoholic beer that they have.

4. Mestizo

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Address: Av. Bicentenario 4050, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12:30 PM

Telephone: +56 9 6843 7146

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Mestizo: what do users think?

Bram Verswalm: The food was good but as stated in other reviews there is better food in the city for half the price. Only because of the price I’m giving 4 stars, everything else is worth 5 stars. Beautiful location and building, friendly staff, fast service.

Mohammad Anini: The food was absolutely delicious. The restaurant is inside the park, and amazing views and refreshing and relaxed atmosphere. The service was great. I recommend it after a walk in the park.

Maruf Rahman: The restaurant setting is overwhelmingly beautiful, it looks like they spent most of their money on decor and presentation rather than working on the actual delicacy of the food. We ordered Grilled Octopus and Seabass. Grilled Octopus was presented beautifully; the dish looked great. However, the black ink was underwhelming but the Octopus was missing flavor. They served small pico de gallo on the side, which felt completely out of place. Seabass dish was very eye-catching, the presentation was on point. However it was missing salt and seasoning. They served it on the bed of vegetables, which were mostly baked and dropped, not seasoned at all. Few pieces of potatoes and some seasoning would have transformed the dish completely. It was disappointing, given how much I heard about this restaurant. We also ordered Tres Leches, needless to say I had better Tres Leches from the local supermarket in a plastic box. Overall, I think the name brand they have and price they charge, food is not up to par.

Andrew Blake: Nestled in the rocks at the end of a park, very very cool place. Fantastic sea food, nice wine selection, can get pricey but If you’re looking for something a bit more upmarket, a worthwhile spend for sure.

Luis Gerardo Baeza: Amazing place. Great customer service, nice view and every dish we tasted was delicious. Prices are medium to high but absolutely worth it. Recommended!

Sina Kashani: A high class dining experience in a very beautifully decorated restaurant. Food quality and service are both amazing.

Ronaldo Baumgarten Neto: Wonderful restaurant at the bicentenário park! Great place to enjoy delicious food and really kind service with a great view to the park.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

MARTIN SOLANO: It was a great experience here, the best pisco sour, sangria, food was very tasty. You got to try ceviche plus entraña & ribs for an appetizer. My main dish was duck confit de Pato amazing.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

AsiaRoom com: Best restaurant with excellent food that i had in Santiago. And the outdoor tables with the view to the park is spectacular. I had the octopus dish and pico sour.

5. Naoki

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Address: Av. Vitacura 3875, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12:30 PM

Telephone: +56 2 2656 6281

Business type: Japanese restaurant

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Naoki: what do users think?

Gonzalo Matamala: It is not what used to be but Naoki keeps having a great offer in Japanese -Fusion food. Some improvements in the menu are required to come back to those glory days. Anyway service and location were great

Julia Ruby Baldwin: Super creative sushi offerings. There are also a lot of other items on the menu but we were craving sushi and didn’t sample anything else. Our favorite dish was the sake trufado (a salmon carpaccio with truffle oil). All of the rolls we got were delicious as well. A bit on the spendy side but the quality is definitely there.
Response: Thanks ;)

Ash Yao: We never tried any of the hot food but absolutely love all the different rolls. They’re a bit pricey but delicious with fresh ingredients.

Diana Yusim: Bad experience. Our server was great but the other server (he looked like the main guy in charge was rude). We were given an appetizer as a present. Then he came and took it away as my husband was eating it and said that it was a mistake. Later on, he randomly came by and took the menu away from our table without saying anything or even asking if we wanted anything additional. This was not welcoming at all and I would never come here again. For the amount of money you spend, the customers deserve to be treated better.

John King: Surprisingly good sushi and the price was reasonable. The crowd is a bit snobbish but the service was warm and inviting and easily accommodated two underdressed Austinites who were at the end of their suitcase. Food came out quickly despite being made to order.

Martin Colombo: Nice...but can improve. Too expensive.Food: 4/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 3/5 …More

Vanessa Colina: Excellent food and service! Sit at the bar if you can. I was helped by Franklin and -as other reviews mentioned- you tell them what you like and they recommend what to order. Highly recommend it! I ordered the “pétalos de salmón” as an appetizer, no idea what the other ones are called.

J Z: I wish the uni was a big as the advertise. The service is good.

Gonzalo Jimenez Parada: Outstanding Japanese restaurant managed by a Chilean chef born in a small village in the countryside, 200 km away from Santiago. Service fair. Premises might be refurnished but the place is ok.

6. Europeo

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168 reviews
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Address: Alonso de Córdova 2383, 7630080 Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Telephone: +56 2 2208 3603

Business type: Restaurant

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Europeo: what do users think?

Pedro Galindo: Nice and modern place. Good design. Good space. Great service. Delicious-sophisticated Chilean food.

Kenneth Lindemere: The food is creative without being weird. The atmosphere is one of the nicest in Santiago - adequately, but not too brightly, lit, and tables well separated and comfortable. An ideal place for a quiet dinner. Service beyond reproach. Portions perfectly sized so you can have an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert without being over-stuffed.

James Martin: Welcoming and knowledgable staff. Clean and airy environment. Good wine list. Varied menu. Well presented dishes. nice spacious tables.

Madelyn: The place is beautiful, and the staff were very nice. The dishes were all on the salty side. The pasta in particular was almost too salty to eat. The catch of the day was fresh.

rainbow dust: My favorite restaurant in Santiago, to be here is a pleasant experience in every way. I fully recommend it.

Soledad Barrueto: Delicious lunch!

Matías Gálvez: One of the best restaurants in Santiago and why not, in Chile. The service is impeccable, everyone very friendly, they know what they sell and how to do it. The food was all done right, well seasoned and perfectly harmonious. Although some people comment that the portions are small, if they are eaten 3 times plus an appetizer it is more than enough. It is a restaurant to go to enjoy excellent food and service. They have a very good choice of wines to pair and also at the correct temperature, they also have a quiet terrace to spend the hot afternoon in the shade. Congratulations.

Lorena Laurent: A unique experience. Excellent attention. A journey to discover new flavors. Very pleasant environment.

Ricardo Serpell: The food we were offered was not of good quality. Both the soup and the risotto we ate were excessively salty, and the risotto was tough (still uncooked rice). We expected to be surprised with new flavors and preparation without fail, but we found a lack of experience or taste on the part of the Chef. The positive: the attention was friendly and correct.

Gabriel Larenas Rosa: Excellent restaurant, excellent service, friendly from start to finish. Careful preparations, excellent meeting of Chilean flavors in foreign preparation. Absolutely recommendable, if the customer also knows their prices in advance.

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