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    Best Live Jazz In Santiago De Chile Near You

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    Best Live Jazz In Santiago De Chile Near You

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    1. The Jazz Corner

    1152 reviews
    The Jazz Corner

    Address: Sta. Isabel 0451, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

    Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

    Telephone: +56 2 2274 9941

    Guy: Piano bar

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    We help you choose live jazz in Santiago de Chile

    Are you looking for live jazz in Santiago de Chile?
    Known simply as Santiago, our city is one of the most important metropolis in South America, although there are no special cities as developed in the north of America as ours, it still keeps a lot of history in its interior. Its main public buildings originate from the 18th century, as they are constructions of colonial origin, although we can obviously also find modernist buildings as we have said.
    The capital of Chile is looking forward to your visit and we are even more so, that is why we have created this website. We are a young team with a lot of experience in the day to day life of Santiago, and we are looking forward to show it to you in through our explanatory and informative posts. Go ahead, start reading us and start exploring our favourite capital in the world!